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Welcome to my journey to losing 70lbs.


I created this blog to not only help me to stay on track but to share ideas with you and maybe inspire you.

I am not a doctor or nutritionist, I am merely someone who had tried over and over  to lose weight and has learned some things that have worked for me along the way that I wanted to share with you. Please consult your doctor before you undertake any health changes.  ♥

NOTE: I am keeping everything on a continuous page so it can be read by days in order, so just read from top to bottom.

I will update it as I go, So Follow me to read more as it is written.

Day 1.  Who, what, when, where and why…

Monday, December 2, 2013

FACT: Did you know that 85% of people start their diets on a Monday?

1.  I am a happy person and I bring happiness to those around me. I believe in positive affirmation and if you are happy you will attract happiness and good into your life.

2.  I have an affirmation “Vision Board” and on this board that sits on my desk is a life goal plan with things – I want to do or have and love to do and have. There are pictures of me entertaining friends and baking and cooking. I love healthy clean eating and health. However I also love ewey gooey sinful foods. This is a problem, because in order for me to lose 70 lbs I need to make some changes. I will learn how to make ewey and gooy foods HEALTHY!

Vision Board

about me…

For me this is not a beginning but a continuation of dieting for over 20 years, and during those 20 years I have lost 10-15 even 25 lbs over and over. I will see my face get skinny, I will start to feel sexy, then something will happen to throw me off. It’s awful, because by the time I am ready to kick back in gear I have almost always gained it all back again. This time is when I get it right! This time with a clean diet AND exercise it will work!  All the recipes and all the things I have learned in the past are going to pay off, this time is FOREVER!

I have had my own business for 8 years so I Work at home. I have been married almost 20 years and counting, I am also a mom of teenage boys. I’m 45 years old and have no excuses. ♥

As you will see I have tried almost every diet out there, trust me on this… Raw Food, Adk*ns, Detox, L*ckety Split Meals, Right for y*ur blood type, S*uth Beach Diet, lemon diet, grapefruit diet, cabbage soup diet, food l♥vers diet, you are what you eat, the fat flu*h diet, the acid alkaline diet, wheat free diet, H*rbal L*fe, Skinny B*tch Diet, No Grain diet, the yeast free diet, The smoothie or juice diet, Fiber 35 diet, WW diet, Rich*rd Simm*ns Diet, diet hypnotism CD’s , diet pills, supplements, body wraps, HCG shots, vitamin B shots and more…

All these had their good points but I just couldn’t LIVE on them. I am sure that they worked for other people, they just didn’t work for me. However I have had quite an education while trying them out. Some things did work while other things didn’t. So I am going to share some habits that did help me so maybe just maybe it will inspire or help you.

Why I wanted to lose the weight.. Well I am tired of failing at losing weight. Just sick of it, I have spent so much time and energy day after day beating this drum that I’m just done. I don’t want to just lose the weight for me but I want to lose the weight for you too. REALLY? you ask YES! Because If I can do it I can help you to do it too. I know what it’s like to struggle everyday being disgusted in what you look like on the outside and knowing that my inside view is a totally different person. I feel uncomfortable in my own skin sometimes and seeing my reflection on occasion I have to ask… Is that me? the truth is if I’m not happy with me, then I’m not being the person I was meant to be. Me even better!

Am I healthy?  Well yes, except that I’m FAT and occasionally my back hurts or my headaches, I get tired out of nowhere and have to take a nap. I am 45 and I look young but I feel old. My starting weight is 190lbs and I am 5ft tall… So yah I’ve got some weight to lose.  I will do a weigh in Every Monday and take updated photo’s to document my progress.

NOTE: As the weight came off and my eating habits got healthy all those health problems went away. “Here’s your sign” ♥

So what my first step was..

dress 1

One of the reasons why my lifestyle changes failed in the past was lack of determination. with all good intentions, It would just fizzle after a while. So this time I wanted to keep a photo journal. Every Monday I go to Target dressing room with a bathing suit or outfit that is my size. I take a picture of myself in the dressing room so I can be motivated by it during the week. I keep it in a file in chronological order so I can see the changes I have made in myself. (This is just for me and I will only share it when I meet my goal so it may inspire others in a before and after. and can follow my story)

I also take weekly measurements, because sometime you lose weight but not gain muscle.


Print it out, make copies and update it every week.

The next thing I do is I keep a food journal. I write down everything (good and bad) this helps me stay accountable for my actions. If I do bad well there it is, stop now and do something about it! Eat better the rest of the day or go climb stairs or do a workout video. review your pictures and just do it! You can also post what you eat on http://www.myfitnesspal.com I love this website, I write it in my journal during the day, then at the end of the day I log it online.

Drink more water
Drink more water

Drink your water!   Rule of thumb is 1/2 your weight in water daily. So if you weigh 200lbs you need to drink 100oz of water daily. Set your alarm on your cell phone for every 2 hours. Begin a new drink and have it finished before it goes off again.  You can flavor your water naturally with fruit. (see photo) just let it sit overnight in the refrigerator. You will be delighted with the CLEAN taste you will get naturally. Experiment with different fruit to find your favorites. This one has MINT leaves, Orange slices, Cucumbers (trust me add cucumbers it is awesome) and lime slices. Add LOTS of water. (make sure you wash your fruit before you add it to help was off pesticides & germs.)



Something that I also do now that I didn’t do before is exercise, I know, I know… no one wants to exercise but it goes hand in hand with a healthier lifestyle. So find something you like to do and just make it FUN and do it.


I have joined a gym before but I find myself only using the treadmill, so who needs that? I can walk around my town. I made a map of a 5 mile track and it gives you a sense of accomplishment when done and I see things I never saw before.This is me after I walked 8 miles one morning… It took a LONG time. and it was the last time I ever did a walk that long. I know I can do it but OMG in Florida it is REALLY HOT in the SUMMER to walk 8 miles.  here in this photo I was holding up a extreme juice from “Hoovers” my favorite health food store. (Spinach, beet, celery, ginger and green apple) .


I just love this photo from http://www.Hasfit.com so I had to share.

Some other exercises that I like are, swimming or walking laps in the water. It is so peaceful I really have fun and relax doing this and I find that I can do this for about 90 min easy, and this works great in Florida heat. It’s also easier on your knees. After a while you can try jogging in circles. It burns almost twice as many calories as being out of the water doing the same exercise.

And the pool worked great… That is until it got cold, the winter came and that’s it I had to find something else, so I began going to all sorts of buildings. My first one was a big apartment complex that was 3 stories tall and lots of buildings. I than walked to each building and climbed each set of stairs up/down and then I walked to the next one … Until I walked them all… 45 min of stairs and walking DONE!  If the weather is unreasonable, I go to Youtube and find a workout video of someone working out on the beach. I can do the cardio video and listen to the wind and waves crashing.  Now I can exercise all different ways and it doesn’t cost me anything! I also find that if I exercise in the morning I am less likely to cheat on my diet because I don’t want to lose everything that I just accomplished. Exercise and eating right is the key and you will find that after you do it for two weeks or so you will start to crave it. You deserve this special time, exercising will help you to relax. So give it a try ♥


Day 2

Hi yall, I’m back and I Just finished climbing 73 flights of stairs at Willow Lake in Apopka, Fl … (photo above)

I was going to stop at 70 (to symbolize the 70lb weight loss)  but I had to go back down. LOL — Ouch I’m off to the shower. >hugs<

Off to take a shower then I will enjoy a Chocolate Shakeology – yummmmmy and Filled with all the nutrients your body needs! Proteins, Essential Amino Acids, Antioxidants, Digestive Enzymes, prebiotics, vitamins, minerals and Phytonutrients. I am REALLY into NUTRITION! So this works for me and is EASY!

This morning I had a Chocolate, banana, Peanut-butter one.               It was so good!!! 🙂

Banana chocolate milkshake smoothie with Lactaid zoom 2Very easy to make:

1. take 1 Serving of Chocolate Shakeology

2. 1/2 banana (fresh or frozen)

3. 1 tsp of Organic Powdered peanut Butter ( I use http://www.bettylousinc.com brand because it’s 85% less fat and tastes great and it’s ORGANIC! you can’t beat it! Lasts forever ♥

Day 3

I can’t believe it but I have lost 4 lbs! I know it sounds crazy but it’s TRUE! I’m very excited! My goal is 10lbs a month.

Here’s a TIP:  If you are constipated, you may be Magnesium deficient. I am not a doctor, or a nutritionist but I have read that 80% of Americans are deficient in Magnesium. So something to help you out in that area is 1 tsp of Natural Calm in a 16oz water bottle of WARM/HOT water. They have a orangy flavor and they have raspberry lemon flavor. There are some fun recipes online at www.comebackmomma.com but I just drink it hot. tastes fine, raspberry lemon is my favorite. It costs about $19 but will last FOREVER! I’ve had mine for about 3 years. It doesn’t expire and will help with achey muscles too. You only need it as necessary.


Oh lets see… I had a HOT chocolate Shakeology for breakfast today at 4:30am I find that when my drink is HOT that I drink it faster for some reason.  At lunch I had a strawberry Shakeology with frozen strawberries added.

The reason why I LOVE Shakeology is because it is so FILLED with nutrients! I feel good and HEALTHY when I have one.



AND… that’s WHY 🙂

Tonight I will have 2 servings of oatmeal,  made with water, 1 serving of Greek yoghourt, 1/2 a banana, 10 raisins. trust me it’s AWESOME!

If I’m still hungry I will have cod fish and spinach.

Still exercising 15min with a Beach Body youtube video today, I was sore but I took 2 Aleve at lunch and the soreness went away.

I’m making a change inside and out, you can do it too. Make positive changes to your life, because you’re worth it. Imagine how your life can be different in 6 months if you make these changes today.  ♥

give-it-all-you-got.jpgDon’t Quit ♥

Day 4 –  December 5th, 2013 and I am now down 5lbs!

Today I climbed 80 flights of stairs = 40 stories at a hotel. and I did it in 14min! wo hoo!! It’s getting easier every day!!!  I even did 10 squats and 10 lunges a few times to shake out my legs when I got to the 4th floor.
Holiday Express
This is the Holiday Inn express in Apopka, Fl.
I am working my way up to 70 stories to symbolize the 70 lbs I’m going to loose!
I am thinking about being part of a climb for the American Lung Association next year. I can practice all year and for every place I climb I will put away a dollar towards it.             It is $160 to participate so I will need to climb 160 buildings 1x each.
♥ Go BIG or Go Home! ♥

Today I made a Peppermint Patty Shakeology.

1. chocolate Shakeology

1. Tablespoon of Shredded Coconut

2 drops of peppermint ( a little goes a LONG way)

2 cups of water

🙂 Put in blender, drink with a straw = YUMM

For lunch I had Oatmeal, hot water, diced prunes, 10 raisins, 1/2 a banana, 1 tablespoon of Greek Yoghourt. = YuMMY

For dinner: Leftover turkey from Thanksgiving mixed with onion and 1 tsp mayo, put on crackers…. OMG Delicious!

Drank my 100oz of water HURRAY!!! ♥

I’m going to bed now … because Sleep is important in weight loss too.

sleepGood night ♥

Day 5